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JavaScript Website & Component Development & Customization

List of amazing features

Competitive advantage through JavaScript’s extensive set of features

Integrated JavaScript Development

Technologies, such as Coldfusion, Python/Django, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails JSP/JAVA, PHP/LAMP, etc. are included

Diverse JavaScript Frameworks

Development on frameworks like AngularJS, KnockoutJS, RequireJS, JQuery, ExtJS, BackboneJS, etc.

Custom CMS Systems

Content management through KeystoneJS, NodeJS and CreateJS etc.

UI JavaScript Frameworks

JQuery UI, ExtJS, DOJO, Telerik UI etc.

Custom JavaScript Web Application Development Services

Why JavaScript Development?

JavaScript development allows the creation of exceptionally dynamic and responsive sites which are fundamentally the same as desktop applications as far as processing speed and load time. We at NivaSoft have been doing projects of custom programming development for years. NivaSoft’s JavaScript programmers have rich experience in core JavaScript programming and various JavaScript frameworks such as Jquery, BackboneJS, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, RequireJS.

Whether you want to upgrade a current web development application or need to start a new venture, hire JavaScript developer. Our developers in JavaScript frameworks have great experience and knowledge in making quick solutions and in programming JavaScript applications. Our team’s rich skills in various technologies have been gained after delivering various JavaScript projects for our clients globally. NivaSoft will provide you JavaScript web development with the commitment of fulfilling your needs.

    Our Proposition

  • User-friendly Website design
  • Customized Web applications for all industry verticals
  • Unparalleled level of design and High Quality Standards
  • Competitive Pricing and Project Modules
  • Multi-disciplinary Team of Professionals
  • Voluminous research done by our full time designers
  • Strategic Technology Consulting
  • Client Centric Engagement
  • Web Support and Maintenance
  • Aristocratic Research and Development

Why Hire JavaScript Developers from NivaSoft?

Programming JavaScript applications with Custom development modules

With our skillful development team, we build applications that quickly accomplish the market, meeting the guidelines and timetables. We make suitable utilization of this dynamic PC programming dialect and offer an extensive scope of JavaScript development benefits at most reasonable costs. Our engineers utilize their industry rehearses and in addition demonstrated procedures to deliver custom JavaScript development in a convenient spending plan.

We'll engage you to get a handle on your mobile strategy more grounded by building incredible Mobile web application development with SenchaTouch, Jquery Mobile that works lustrously on a huge level. Our JavaScript developers build up the solution for addressing your issues, making the web, mobile and custom development plan that can work over different device stages and working structures. We create JavaScript applications that are set up to market, qualified and all strove for quality.

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Other Feature

  • Server and hosting
  • Security and networking
  • UnderScore JS, Batman JS, Sencha Ext JS
  • Backbone JS, Knockout JS, Can JS
  • D3 JS, Mustache JS, Require JS, Ember JS
  • QA and testing services
  • ECommerce custom application developments
  • Great UI and user experience
  • Server Side JavaScript Framework
  • Raid JS and jQuery development