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Enterprise mobile application refers to a mobile application that is used in the business world to solve the problems of an enterprise. Generally, an enterprise application is a software platform that is very large and complex. Enterprise mobile applications are created to either combine or interface with other enterprise mobile applications that the company uses. In addition, enterprise mobile applications are designed with the intention of deployment to many different networks, devices, and operation systems; however, they are still developed with administrative management and security capabilities.

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Enterprise Developer Hiring Module

Monthly /Weekly Hiring

Get dedicated Enterprise developer on monthly or weekly hiring with monthly/weekly payment module.

Use this package for projects where sharing specific requirement document is not possible.

Hourly Module

Billing on hourly basis as per the time consumed by the team for development and designing.

Use this module if you know what tasks needs to be done and require developer for support and modifications.

Fixed cost Module

Share the requirement and wireframe details with us get a fixed cost for complete development.

Use it if you have complete requirement specs and mock-up.

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