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Our industry experts in Mobile app platform have experience of 8+ years in Android mobile application development; they have gained the extensive experience by working for diverse industries. Make a smart choice and hire android app developer at NivaSoft as here you will find cutting edge Android development from team of professional Android mobile app developers / programmers. NivaSoft offers you the services of hiring Android mobile application programmer for your mobile application requirements with most flexible project modules. We have our own kind of unique way of working in development process to provide you robust Android apps delivered.

With Android having millions of users active, we have got comprehensive understanding of users’ requirements and used best of the Android resources by following the latest trends. Our Android developers were hired by a very stringent process. They have tools that would help us in producing highly accurate and leveraging Android applications in the best cost-time-quality ratio. All these years, we concentrated on gathering the best of talents in our team of developers from different locations; they can offer you Android development with great source of strength and skills. We have built up proficiency in the Android SDK tools over the years with our extensive Android exposure.

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ANDROID Developer Hiring Module

Monthly / Weekly Hiring

Get dedicated Android developer on monthly or weekly hiring with monthly/weekly payment module.

Use this package for projects where sharing specific requirement document is not possible.

Hourly Module

Billing on hourly basis as per the time consumed by the team for development and designing.

Use this module if you know what tasks needs to be done and require developer for support and modifications.

Fixed cost Module

Share the requirement and wireframe details with us get a fixed cost for complete development.

Use it if you have complete requirement specs and mock-up.

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